"It Takes A Fool To Learn That Love Don't Love Nobody" The Spinners

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Sasha is entertaining, witty, informative, and an educational speaker suitable for any corporate, organizational, school, or social event. Sasha draws from her own experiences from real life events. Sasha is able to communicate to the young and old and able to express the importance of STOPBULLYINGNOW. Sasha also relies on her experiences in the world and from her experiences in public relations. Additionally, I use my background as a Police Officer, personal development and practical spirituality to inspire my audience.

Sample topic include:

  • What is Bullying?
  • What is the Definition of Bullying?
  • What are the Three Types of Bullying?
  • What is Physical Bullying?
  • What is Verbal Bullying?
  • What is Relational Bullying?
  • What Does Bullying in the Workplace Look Like?
  • How Do You Create an Anti-Bullying Culture in the Workplace?
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