"It Takes A Fool To Learn That Love Don't Love Nobody" The Spinners


IT TAKES A FOOL: A Tough Lesson Learned on Bullying

A Tough Lesson Learned on Bullying

It Takes A Fool is a short "creative memoir" about a 10 year old girl, named Sasha, who used bullying as a coping mechanism to handle the pressures of life. Sasha realized way too late that bullying was wrong. Follow her on her journey of love, friendship, turmoil and loss.

Sasha Dreams is a no one from nowhere, pregnant with dreams. She dreams of hope, ambition, fulfillment and success. Sasha has learned from the mistakes of her childhood and transformed her weaknesses into strengths. Sasha believes wholeheartedly that writing is healing.

At times throughout her writing process it was painful, but now that the tears have dried and the past forgiven a horribly beautiful story has emerged. Follow Sasha on her journey as a writer, business woman, wife, daughter, sister, mother, and friend. Watch as her dreams come true.

A Pledge

A pledge to stop bullying will be included at the end of every printed copy of “It Takes A Fool.”
Simply print and mail in your pledge.
$1 will be donated to the Stop Bullying Now Foundation.

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